Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rather exciting!

Hello there

Way hey! You'll never guess what I just did. I just created my OWN stamp!! Yes, that's right; you read correctly. I CREATED my own stamp! £12.95 please madam :-) I've got the equipment I need from Cricut and I've just this minute created my first stamp in moments - it's so easy. I just had to come on here to share my news! Thousands of people will have done this before I know, especially in America but I'm rather chuffed. I'm not very good with stamping but this might change my thoughts. I'm not keen as a rule as you have to have them the size provided on the stamp and invariably I want the shape to be a different size. I can now create a stamp in whatever size block I have. They're clear acrylic too, so perfect for lining up right - oops there goes any excuses I might have for lining up errors. Stamp purists won't like it at all but I'm not one of those, so I'm happy to go along with this new technique I've found. Mel Heaton is responsible for showing me this on Create and Craft a couple of weeks ago and I was dubious but not anymore. It works! It really works. Trouble is, now I'm going to want tonnes of inkpads and embossing powder etc :-) That's where my friend Helen is going to be happy as she's a Stampin' Up demonstrator and they have tonnes of stamping options.

I know that's just a block (shadow) image so I'm off to try something more detailed but even if these are the only types of images I get, then the tiny sum it cost me for the folders is still worth it. The deep cut housing unit I bought is also well worth it, as I can't wait to try that on Bo Bunny chip board as apparently that's smooth enough for the Cricut blade to cope with. Watch this space!
Little Mrs J - I also know that I'll now become your BFF :-) 

Take care out there

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