Monday, 10 October 2011

Butterfly Cake

Hello there
Well, I've done it; I've made a shaped cake for my daughter. She turns 13 on October 15th but we're going away that weekend, so we had a little birthday tea last night. It's a rather big cake for just 5 people but my daughter said that she was going to take some pieces for her friends but that hasn't happened. My friend Viki has inspired me to finally make a cake for Maggie as she's really getting into it and has commissions to do. I used to buy the Asda ones but I always found them far too sweet and sickly. I don't think she had any cake last year as I took her to water world with her friends. I've made victoria sandwich cakes before and I used to do gateau decorating when I was in school but I've never made and decorated a shaped cake.

I used the 8oz s.r.flour, 8oz caster sugar, 8oz margarine, 4 eggs recipe. We've recently bought a Kenwood Chef mixer, so that makes the mixing just so easy and quick.  I didn't have to slice any raised sections on the cake as it was a perfect height and flat, which I was rather pleased about, especially when you consider that I had to dash out in the middle of cooking it as I'd forgotten that I was going to a Stampin' Up new catalogue launch. Chris took it out of the oven for me and didn't get cross about me not being able to eat the prawn and pea risotto  he was in the middle of making. I had that at 9p.m when I got home. I froze the sponge until the next day. I then made the buttercream and covered the sponge with that and froze it again. I then covered it with Betty Crocker's chocolate frosting as Maggie doesn't like icing. My inspiration initially came from watching a video online - the best place to see this and print out the template they include is the Betty Crocker website (click here). I made it chocolate as that is what Maggie originally wanted before I even thought of the butterfly idea.

The body part was meant to only be a candy cane but I couldn't find any in the short amount of time I had, hence me using a swiss roll instead which really makes this a large cake.This cake caused me a little bit of stress, especially with the cutting out as I hadn't seen the template at that stage and the result is basic but I hope that Maggie realises that even though I'm not good at certain things, if it makes her happy, then I'll give it my best shot as I love her rather alot.

Take care out there

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