Sunday, 4 September 2011

What's next?

I have so many projects either on the go or on my 'I want to do' list but here are some photos of what might be one of my next projects. I also have some birthdays coming up, which'll need cards to be made of course but this is something new yet again.
This is what I ordered from Create and Craft last week and actually arrived this week - their orders often take quite a while to get to me.

This is the very first yo-yo I've made. It's quite large being 10cm wide but I had the material handy (I'm sure you recognise it from my previous post) and a bowl close-by to trace around and since it was only meant as a practise; what the heck?! I was inspired on the whole by a Clover show on Create and Craft. They were selling templates to make them but after seeing the demo, I thought "I don't need a template for that" and how right I was. I did a quick search and found Heather Bailey's very clear instructions; click here to see for youself. After spending rather a while looking at her great site which also sells her material, I made this little beauty and put a button from my collection in the middle. There's £5 I saved. I also looked on ebay and got some of the Clover flower yo-yo templates for free postage and cheaper than C&C, so I ordered those. These will be great to go on any bags I make - or any cards or scrap pages I make too.

This is material which I persuaded my mum to let me have. It was the curtains in my grandmas house which was recently sold, so they have huge sentimental value to me. I'd love to use them perhaps on a bag.

Fun and games to be had.

Take care out there.

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