Friday, 9 September 2011

New version of napkin box

Hello there
I've finally managed to do a new version of the napkin box I made. Why I've done this and not one of the other three million things I'd like/need to get done, is beyond me as it was hardly urgent but hey, it's done and that's what matters.
I got my inspiration as such from the Cricut magazine, June/July 2011 issue. Maggie Lamarre had a scrap page of hers using a gorgeous deep pink flower she'd made from the Home Accents cartridge which I had loved since seeing the magazine. My flower isn't the same as hers in many ways but she got me started with this particular flower in the first place. I forgot to do the shadow version of the 'hearts' flower which Maggie used, hence mine is so much more intricate and was really quite a challenge to remove off the brand new mat and a few flowers were ruined in the process. I also feel that double sided card would've been easier to cut and appearance wise would've been better but I used the My Mind's Eye 2009 Totally girl pad I have. I did ink the edges but the white background still isn't great- perhaps I should've inked all of the back. Next time maybe. It looks better in real life so I'm more than happy for it to sit on the table.

Take care out there

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