Friday, 10 June 2011

My nephew loves fishing

My nephew has his birthday next weekend. He's 9 then. He loves loads of things in life but one of them is fishing, so I've made him this frame for a photo of one of his great catches, of which I'm sure there  have been many. I also made him a banner the other week but I forgot to take a photo of it and I posted it to him today, so you won't get to see that. It was created on Craft Artist but I didn't make it fancy as I wasn't sure what he or my sister would make of it. I did mention it to Claire the other day and she seemed to think it would be great for a trip out he's having for his birthday, so I'm hoping he won't mind it being attached to the back of his chair. If not, maybe Claire will put it up on his door somehow; I'm sure she'll come up with an ingenious idea.

This frame is a project idea on the Boys will be boys cartridge. They use a ribbon as a kind of wave affect on theirs and I did buy some lovely watery blue coloured organza ribbon especially but then when I tried it out, I wasn't convinced. So I asked the man of the house and he said it was a 'no no', so for once, I'll listen to his advice. He also said it was gorgeous but then that just shows how well 'craft' trained he is although he hadn't even seen it yet! The centre bit was done on Craft Artist from the fishing digikit again.

Fingers crossed he likes it.

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  1. I hope your nephew likes his card. Its very good. I love the theme...:)


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