Friday, 10 June 2011

Another sympathy card for a pet loss unfortunately

What a sad time we're experiencing lately in regards to pets. One of my daughter's friends has to give her spaniel away as they have to leave their current rental home and the new house doesn't accept dogs. Also a few weeks ago, another friend of my daughter lost her last rabbit. She had two rabbits for ten years and they lived outside all the time. The first one died a month or two ago and then the second one died a few weeks later. They got two new rabbits almost two weeks ago now and unfortunately yesterday one of them died an awful death only to be found by this young almost 12 year old (it's her birthday on Wednesday). An awful thing for her to have to experience, so I was moved to send a card. A coincidence was that earlier in the week, I had read a facebook post by an American lady; Katrina Hunt (she does the most amazing scrap pages and allsorts of crafty items like banners, oh and you should see her 'Beatrice tree'!) and she used the term 'over the bridge' in regards to a dog of hers which died a few years ago. I hadn't heard the term before and asked about it and she told me that it is from a poem called 'The Rainbow bridge', so I looked it up online. It's rather a lovely and romantic idyllic poem, which some would say isn't realistic and against the Christian beliefs but I don't worry about that. I just want this girl to feel better about the pet losses she's had to deal with lately.
Anyway, here's the card. It took me alot longer than it should have done but hey, that's how it normally is with me. I got the inspiration from a blog entry on 'Cards, cards, cards by Cricut and me'. The backing paper I created on Craft Artist from the Easter digikit. I could've added ribbon and other finishing touches but it took me longer than I should've really with some of the cuts on the Cricut and also, I don't think it's particularly tasteful to make too fancy a card for an event like this.

I put a copy of the poem inside- I took a photo but you're better off looking online for a copy of it, as that'll be easier to read than my poor quality photo. The rabbit is a decorative one from Gypsy Wanderings and I was somewhat concerned that the swirl pattern might be misinterpreted as a scar on the rabbit (considering the circumstances) but the girl has text my daughter to say that she loves the card, so I can stop worrying about that now. The rabbits on the backing paper make it rather too busy but I didn't want the feature rabbit standing out too much or it would be far too poignant. I just typed the word on the computer and printed it on the purple paper. I love the 'rounded edges' function on my Crafter's Companion Clever Cut.

The friendship has been shared and that's the important thing to remember.

Take care out there.

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