Thursday, 5 May 2011

Somedays it just isn't with me

I'm posting this incase one day I actually gloat over how well I think I've done with a card or other project. The reason for that is that it caused me alot of grief and yet the final item isn't any good at all. Unfortunately it was Chris's birthday card but bless him, he knows how long it takes me with new card designs and he's a bloke so he doesn't really care about cards anyway. He just knows how cranky making it made me - hee hee.

I designed the backing design on Craft Artist platininum after alot of struggle and it not saving etc etc. I've maybe made a friend out of those struggles though as I posted on Daisytrail and a lady called Angie helped me with an issue I had with trying to copy a page, so good does come out of bad sometimes. The original design was based on one I saw on a blog but I won't name it as the poor person would be horrified to know this card is linked to hers. The one she did was quite a bit different using allsorts of fancy inks and embossing folders which I don't have; although I have ordered the folder she used for future use - it had to be done :-)

The bird was from Home Decor Cricut cartridge as was the frame. The bird was cut at 3inches. I can't remember how big the frame was but I suspect the same size; I cut that twice to enable me to have the two colours. The card is 5in square. I should've taken a photo of the envelope actually (too late now as his birthday was May 1st and the envelope is in the recycling bin) as I used the backing paper and adjusted it so that there was a clear space to put Chris's name. I also used some green sealing wax with a leaf design to seal it, so that looked so professional to sort of make up for the card.

Can you spot the basic thing I left out of the design?


  1. I likey the bird very much....:)

  2. I can't spot anything wrong - you will have to point it out because this looks lovely. The backing paper is beautiful and love the bird. Put me out of my misery and let me know what you forgot - and also - you should have faith in your creations - I've not spotted a bad one in all your posts!

  3. He hasn't got an eye, poor thing.

  4. I didn't notice it Mum! - Maggie


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