Thursday, 19 May 2011

My old cactus

This is just a quick little 'off the usual beaten track' posting as it's a photo of a cactus I own. This cactus must have been bought in the late 80's sometime. When I went to Oz in 1992, I left it with mum who pampered it brilliantly until I returned here in 1999 (my goodness, I've been back for 12 years?!! -that's scary). Considering it's age, it's doing really well. The narrower section close to the bottom was because it had outgrown it's original pot and didn't grow properly, so now it's lobsided and needs a wall to keep it upright which is rather funny. The spikes on it are still extremely.... well, spikey! The photo shows it as it is at this moment; in flower. Every year it flowers at least once, which I think is kinda good. I have another container with different cacti but they're just as old as this old geezer. My life buddies are cactus?!.... discuss.
It doesn't normally live on the floor but I seem to be photographing or videoing things which show my floor alot lately, so I'll stick with the theme.

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  1. I have a cactus which flowers once a year too, it's 11 years old now, started off as 3 bits to it and now there are too many to count. It lives in my mum's conservatory though, I am too scared to move it to live with me and upset it lol


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