Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mum's birthday 2011


This is the card I did for mum this year which I made from some saved free downloads from Crafter's Companion again. It's inspired again from the sample they provided and it's simple but I really like the colours. The Happy Birthday message inside was printed out on Safmat and then put onto the shaped section. The Flower Power message was cut on my Cricut from the Paisley cartridge (2inches I think) which was my idea.  I'm using my sealing wax and with the decorative seals on the envelopes as I love the look of it and the history behind it; even Maggie appreciated that as she made a card for mum too of her own design. After I'd taken this, I decided to use a light blue pencil inside the 'flower power' writing to help it stand out more; sometimes it's difficult to know when to stop meddling with a card.

Next year is her 70th so I'll have to do alot more for that. I've bought Craft Artist Platinum for just that reason as I'd love to make a scrapbook for her of some old photos. I've been meaning to start it for years but just haven't done it. Just you watch; a month before her birthday I'll be in a mad panic doing it. Just typical. I also want to decorate a papier mache box for my sister to put memorabilia from her recent Florida holiday. I need to sew the curtains for the lounge. I need to do the tie-backs for the curtains in Maggie's room. My nephew is 9 next week. Chris's son will pass his driving test soon, so cards are needed for those things. Etc HELP! When people suggest that I buy cards to save time, I just can't do it. That would be like a bang on my knee- painful! :-) Time is of the essence but it'll calm down once the puppies can be taken for walks and I get more used to it all. Think I need to be burning the midnight oil alot more but then getting up at 6.20 for the dogs doesn't encourage me towards doing that.

This is second time on me trying to put this post on due to computer cliches, so I best stop there; thankfully Blogger had saved part of my first try, so this time has been pretty quick thankfully.

Enough of my whinging

Take care out there


  1. Beautiful card Diane - I'm sure your Mum will have loved this. Making a scrapbook for her is a great idea. I did one for my Mum's 60th birthday a few years ago as a suprise and apart from one picture where unfortunately I picked a picture of her sister when she was little, rather than one of her, she loved it! Good luck though - scrapping can get quite addictive and I struggle to know when to stop adding things to pages.

  2. Hey Mum I don't remember seeing this card when did you make it? And I've followed you tehe(:

  3. I made it before May 12th as that is when this post was created.


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