Sunday, 22 May 2011

Claire's Florida memories box

This is a first for me; well, since I'm relatively new to all this crafting stuff, most things are new to me but this is a first for a memories box of any kind. I've had a bit of an adventure with it and it isn't as good a finish as I would like to achieve but I'm pretty chuffed with the basic concept of it and how it's turned out. I did try to seal it as such after looking online for how to do it. I went for 50/50 diluted pva glue but unfortunately it made some of the images 'run' and the paper went bubbly. I've since learnt that you can get fixative sprays specifically for inkjet papers and vinyls; they only cost about a fiver for either matt, satin or gloss finish, so I might try experimenting with some of that for next time. The papers on the box are of a varied bunch though; some are printed from Craft Artist, others are stickers from my Disney set; others are from a pack and others are card cut out on my Cricut. There will be a next time  because even if Claire doesn't see the point in this box, I'd like to make some for us for different things. I've got a memories box with stuff related to when Chris and I first met but that's in a huge Thorntons chocolate fancy box; I should put more stuff in there. You can get carried away with these memories things though and not actually do any living to give you memories to cherish!

It's scary sharing these craft items sometimes because of course other people can find fault but I'm my worst critic so what they see/think won't be worse than what I've seen/thought myself. Such as I'm not certain that Minnie looks good with stripes on her face as she's transparent and it shows the stripes through from the deckchair. It's maybe also a bit naughty sharing this because I haven't given it to Claire yet but if she sees this post on the Facebook link, then at least she'll know what she's about to get - hope you'll be able to use it Claire xx

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  1. This is cute Diane :)
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, the Ellison dies are basically Sizzix dies but some came out under the Ellison name a while ago. I see you have a cricut, if you have paper dolls cartridge there is a cute car on the prom boy accessories.


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