Thursday, 19 May 2011

A challenge from Helen

Last night at craft club, Helen was very planned and focussed and has set Catherine and I a challenge. She claimed that she had forgotten the stamp required to finish this card but I suspect that's just a devious way of making us think about how to complete it. Here is what I managed to do in the class:
We made the backing paper with 1inch strips of the lovely coloured card and then die-cut it on Helen's very pretty Big Shot with the top note die. I then fiddled and faffed to make the bow; Helen said it was easy but I have a knack of making the easy look difficult.
My job now is to think of how to complete it, then find the time to do it and then see how terribly it contrasts to the amazing way Catherine will probably finish it off. My initial thoughts were to make a top note little topper (from Craft Artist) to go in right hand corner with a sentiment on or a flower if I want to leave it open for allsorts of occasions. Helen's card had that sort of thing on but of course she stamped hers very nicely.
watch this space... or I'd suggest go get a life as I might be a while :-)

Ok, here goes. I've finished it off and this is the final card and envelope

You have to click on the image to see  it larger really as the font I chose has diagonal lines involved in it which I thought matched the patchwork effect we did for the main topper. I did the stitching effect a) I just like it and b) it matches the stitching holes that the die actually creates itself which you can only see if you look very carefully or if you know the Stampin' up range of dies. I somehow managed to acquire a spare blank top note shape from Helen, so I used this for the envelope and I even remembered to place it so that there'll be space for a stamp if necessary. I think I'll leave the inside of the card plain as there comes a point in every project when you have to actually stop; yes, stop adding stuff, stop fiddling, stop trying to think of more ideas. I laugh at myself alot when I keep on going far too long with most projects. Anyway, it's all fun for me.

Take care out there


Go on, you know you want to comment! Have you tried anything like this? Do you want a few more snippets of information about this project to help you do something similiar? Has it inspired you or given you ideas to do it differently?

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