Wednesday, 2 March 2011

It's busy time

Well hello there. Since my last post I have found out that our new house is now completing on March 11th, so it's even more go go go than it has been already. I haven't 'worked' as such since moving to Chris's house in Warrington last August, to help Maggie get settled into the area and high school. We also fairly quickly found this new house that we thought would be good to move to as it has a garden and this house doesn't and there are more bedrooms and bigger. The lounge isn't as big as this one but there's always compromises to make. It's still close enough to Maggie's school and to Chris's kids' home, so it will be fine for us until we can get the country home we'd like in years to come. We've been painting the house and sorting out stuff ever since August really  but particularly so since January. Yesterday we also thought that we had a tenant ready to sign up for this house but that has now fallen through, which is highly annoying but there's always another person out there. I've been buying material and making curtains this week but I've also made a Mother's day card. It's a bit early for that you might think but what with the move I would rather be organised now, so no last minute panic. Chris has now asked for me to make one for his mum too, so it's all busy. This is good for me though and I do so love being lost in my cardy, sewing world. On the front of yesterday's newspaper (Chris gets the Telegraph for the crosswords; I can't stand newspapers or watching the news on tele as it's invariably depressing or just nonsense), the main headline was about some cricketer who has declared that he's gay - what a lot of stuff and nonsense! Who cares? What difference does it make? None!

Ok, enough of my rant but I had to get that off my chest. It's little wonder I prefer looking at my crafty things and reading inspriring blogs from lovely people.

The reason for me writing this blog was meant to be telling you about my mother's day card, so here it is. I got the idea from a Joanna Sheen newsletter recently where Sheila Weaver demonstrates a card every time. It's an angled easel card. Sheila used different images with hers; I used decoupage sheets from Joanna Sheen's botanicals range. The flower is a Burnet Rose. I used a Fiskars border punch to give that nice edge to two side of the front of the card. The main topper is kept upright by the nipping it just behind the decoupaged flowers on the bottom right hand side of what is both the inside and front of the card really. I do hope that you can strain your eye sight or enlarge the photo to notice the embossed flower shape on the flap of the envelope in the second picture too- it's from the springtime board of the Crafter's Companion Ultimate pro, which I got for postage price only as it was the 'free gift' for members of the Create and Craft club; the board was the gift, not the Ultimate Pro incase that's not clear but it's still a bargain so not to be knocked! On the front left of the card, I cut a 13cm length border from the decoupage sheet and then printed out the words onto Safmat and stuck it on top.

A rather wordy post it has to be said but hopefully you like the card anyway but just don't tell my mum that you saw it before she did!

Take care out there and ignore the nonsense

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