Thursday, 18 April 2013


Hello there

Here's Diane reporting live from Warrington, U.K. It's mid April and we're having minutes of sunshine followed by humungous hailstones and then back to sunshine. Mental!
Chris and I are both pleased though and had 'yee hah'! moments, as I took the dogs without a trace of hailstones and Chris just nipped to the shop for a paper without getting battered, yet moments after arriving home, it started again.

Much as I'm sure you love knowing what the mental weather is doing around me, I hope that you're more interested in what I'm doing.

I've started my very first patchwork. I've done patchwork before many times and created home furnishings but I've never followed a proper pattern, with scary instructions using allsorts of fancy rulers.
I've got a proper 1/4in foot for my machine too and I've got full instructions, including video, from the Craftsy class I signed up for in January. So no excuses for me!

The sun is now back, all within 5 minutes that this post has taken me to write.
I'm getting back to sewing too. Wish me luck!

Take care out there in the crazy weather we have


  1. It was mad weather indeed! Patchwork looking good! Given my sewing skills are atrocious and I am a shame to my mother the seamstress I am impressed with any form of sewing!

    C xxx

  2. On no!!!! I can't believe your hail! Just goes to show that its still blooming cold up there!!!! Crazy weather!!!! No hailstones here just sunshine & mizzle! The daffs have finished and we are looking forward to the 1st strawberries haha!!!

    I have done patchwork in the past too but follow a pattern??? Never done that unless you count hexagon shapes. Lovely colours there Diane and looking forward to seeing more so get snipping and stitching my lovely xxx


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