Friday, 19 April 2013

Happy dance!

Hello there

'Remember me'
Oh yes, I've been dancing, which only serves to rile the dogs up but hey ho, it works for me :-)

The photo shows you my very first 'proper' patchwork block and I'm rather jolly content on how it looks. The curious amongst you will click on the photo to see it larger and spot the two imperfections, although you'll have a job, as one of them only shows on the back :-)

At the beginning of the year, I signed up for a Craftsy class called 'Re-piecing the past'. It's based on blocks from American Civil War time but I just wanted the skills and video information. Kaye England is the teacher and boy, is she ominous. Her knowledge is vast and skill to match. My trouble with her is that she's so intense in the video that it put me off from starting, as it seemed too much of a task to complete. This week though I set myself the goal of starting it and it was easy. I had to buy a few things such as a 1/4in foot for my machine and a couple of rulers but that's fine, as I know I'll love doing it, as I really enjoy Jennie Rayment's quilting shows on Create and Craft and I love sewing.

In this project, I've learnt that I'll never use that red fabric again for quilting, as it frays at the slightest touch and it's got too much 'give' in it, so it makes it harder to align the pieces. It's some fabric leftover from the lounge curtains, which I bought but then shortened; for that reason, this block will be perfect as a cushion cover in the lounge.

The next block in the class is called Sherman's March  - wish me luck as it's got triangles in it :-)

Take care out there


  1. er...when you get a bee under your bonnet you don't hang around do you my lovely? hahaha!!!

    This is gorgeous and yes, I did enlarge it but then you challenged us to really didn't you! So you are going to make enough blocks for a quilt? Is that right? Triangles aren't too bad hon, just watch the points, Hugs xxx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I could easily make enough blocks for a quilt but this particular block will become a cushion cover.

    The middle patch right in the middle of this block is there to have a message to help remind you of who the quilt will be for - hence the name 'remember me'. I haven't done anything on it yet but I'm tempted to try some free motion embroidery. Now, if only I had a machine which had embroidery capabilities with built-in fonts!! :-) Whilst I'm waiting for that day, I'll have to wing it :-)

  4. Love it. It's been years since I did any patchwork and I feel the need now!


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