Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I'm a complete Jumpstart!

Hello there

This is my first post using Google Chrome. I was having no end of trouble getting photos to upload on Blogger, so this was an option suggested to help that issue on the help and support pages. I've also worked out how to install icloud and use it's photo stream facility, which makes photo storage so much easier. Now all photos will be available in one place wire-lessly connected,  rather than over several different machines, needing cables to attach each one. Listen to me - real techy wizz! :-)

Not only have I been doing techy things, I've also been playing with gel mediums and alcohol sprays. This happened as a result of watching Creative Jump-start No.10 video by Nathalie Kalbach herself. It's a very basic video about using gel mediums as a resist. I've seen it all before but it is a good technique to use in this sort of project, which is designed to jump start people's creativity at this dull time of year (it's definitely dull in the U.K) 
A practise piece on copy paper over the Tim Holtz
flourish mask. It's looks so glimmery under the
light here on my desk, as the mist has SU's champagne mist in it
I've still not finished all the calendar pages for this year yet, so I played around with the  Claudine Hellmuth gloss medium on another month's page. Despite having seen May Flaum and others use mediums tonnes of times, I haven't actually played with it at all really. I created the stencils by cutting shapes with my Cricut out of acetate. 

The completed page for August

I was really chuffed to find this shape, which is perfect to use as a stencil.
It's a shape from the Don Juan cartridge, which I don't own but
it's the free cartridge available on Cricutcraftroom this week. 

I do love the glimmery effect the champagne mist gives to projects.
Glimmer without glitter is a definite 'yes, yes' in my book :-)

I haven't got a brilliant look on the stencilling but considering
they were created by all handmade items, I'm very happy with it.
It looks much better in real life too, I have to say.
Take care out there


  1. It sounds like you have been having a lot of fun there Diane! It all looks lovely! So glad you managed to get Chrome, it is so much easier and quicker for uploading. HUGS xxx

  2. Glimmer tastic! Love this idea ... May have to nab the idea of having some scrapbook pages on display... Ahem I wonder!
    C xxx


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