Friday, 9 November 2012

Stop the clock! Stop press! Just stop doing everything!!

Hello there

OMG! I'm such an excitable little girl at heart. Mr Postie just paid me a visit and once I'd stopped the dogs barking, put them in their bed and answered the door, I was able to open the two parcels (who cares about the boring envelopes that were there too?!! Certainly not me!).

Parcel numero uno contained:

Oops no, not that photo - move out of the way Alfie!!
Craftbarn don't send Cocker Spaniels with their deliveries, so please don't worry! :-)

That's it Alfie; you guard my goodies
When I got Alfie out of the way, these are the goodies I ordered recently and which I'm mega excited about getting started on. I'm meant to be in the middle of putting a wash load on and vacuuming and mopping the kitchen and downstairs but that is on hold at the mo, as I spread some joy around the crafting world. :-)

Since ordering it, I've changed my mind about where I want to put the cuckoo clock, so now I'll need different coloured paints.    Schucks! :-) I've always loved cuckoo clocks, so to make my own will be vunderbar! I don't strictly need the other three packages for the clock but hey, you never know when musical scores or various arrows and borders will be needed! :-)

The other parcel held another exciting purchase I made recently. A Scotch advanced tape glider - ATG to those 'in the know'!! lol I've seen so many videos on youtube where women just casually get the atg out to glue and it always looks so mega cool! This one is bright pink too, so of course, that makes it an even better tool to own :-)

I didn't know whether to photograph the atg
or Alfie with his paw in my slipper, so I've
gone for two in one :-)
I nearly got myself into deep water with ordering the atg on ebay, as I was out walking the dogs when I got a message saying that the bidding was nearly over i.e four minutes to go, so I got onto the ebay app quickly and increased my maximum bid to £12.53 but then a little further on, I got a message saying that I was winning the bid but hold on a moment; does that say £17.53?!! I haven't got my glasses with me, so I hold the phone further away from me (which isn't easy when you have two dogs on the end of two leads too, who don't respect owners who can't see and are rushing to look at their phone!!). Sure enough it was £17.53. I had only forgotten to put the decimal point in when doing the maximum bid amount! It's more than I wanted to pay for the atg really but it could've been ALOT worse with a maximum bid of £1253!!
I hope this has made you smile as I'm such a happy girlie now these have arrived. I do need to go and finish the housework but later on, I will play!!

Take care out there


  1. hahahahaha!!!!! I stopped everything, picked up my cold cuppa and read!!!!! So pleased that yuour parcels came. Forget the housework, that can wait! But can that clock wait??? hahaha! A lady after my own heart as you have a spaniel...Alfie is gorgeous Diane! xxx

  2. hilarious and very worrying accident with eBay ! so easily done!

    looking forward to seeing the pink atg next week!

    C xxx

  3. LOL - and what a relief it turned out well with ebay - I can see that happening sooo easily - but what a lovely stash of goodness :)


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