Sunday, 4 November 2012


Hello there

Today might be the day that I reach the 5000th read of my blog; as I type this post, my figures state that 4997 reads have happened. I wasn't even sure I could keep it going, when I first started it out. Now I find that I can't blog about everything I make, as it just takes up too much time away from crafting. I love that I have reached various people 5000 times though. I often despair that not many people comment on my blog but everyone is different and maybe doesn't have enough time to comment on everything they read, which is true of me too of course. As long as the inspiration or the instruction is provided, then I feel this blog is worth it. Do feel free to comment as much as you like though. You won't like every project I do but perhaps a constructive comment is required or just a ' I just nipped by to say hi and tfs'.

This blog helps give me focus at times and even provides time frames, as I tell myself that I must finish a project so that I can do another blog post. That is brilliant as it moves me forward with a stronger impetus, if I'm perhaps feeling a bit lazy or my mojo has 'upped sticks' and left me.

My blog is also good as a memory jogger of things I've created. Sometimes I like to spend a short time flicking through some of my old work and either thinking 'wow, wasn't that great?' or sometimes I think, 'mmm, Diane you could've done better there'.

This year for my Christmas cards, I'm not going to do a post per card I make. I'll just do one post and provide a collage of some of the cards I make. If you see a snippet of something you like the look of though, please do ask me for more details and I'll provide those. This is just a different sort of post, so that I'm trying to keep my blog 'alive' so to speak and not always be the same layout. That's why I occasionally do a video of my projects, so that you can watch that instead of just looking at photos. Variety is the spice of life, as they say :-)
Here's a taster:

Since I've also done the bare essentials of opening a Folksy store, I'm hoping this site can now be used as a background for people wanting to buy any of my projects. This will show them some of the other items I've created and perhaps give them ideas of things they'd like me to make for them. A little bit of my personality should come across as well and hopefully that will appeal to some folk.

My blog is quite important to me now and I've learnt and am still learning various skills whilst doing it, so it's helping me grow as a person too and definitely as a crafter. I love looking at other people's blogs and their marvellous work, so for me to think that I ocassionally help people in the same way, is a lovely feeling for me. Using technology to have a positive impact on people.

Keep on enjoying this blog and of course,

take care out there


  1. My amount of reads figure just jumped to 5005, so here's to my 10000th reader - bring it on! :-)

  2. 5011!! Well done hun :) love popping by, even if I don't always comment

  3. Hi Diane! Should be over 5013 now :D Well done! Thank you for popping by my blog and leaving me such a lovely comment. The arrow is indeed A tando one from a grab bag of different arrows. I realised after I had posted that I should have mentioned it hahahaha!!!! Off to have a browse around your blog now my lovely xxx

  4. Hi sweetie! How chuffed am I re the clock, do you mean this cuckoo clock?

    If you give me your email addy I can send you some instructions my lovely. Here is my email:

    Hope to hear from you soon! xxx

  5. You must be well into the 5000s now - love the cards and I know what you mean about time blogging or making I think I sometimes lose a little too much time to the blogging!


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