Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Betty's acetate birthday card

Betty is doing well and out of hospital, so I'm hoping that the card is something nice around the house for her to look at.
It's Betty's birthday on April 26th, so I've made her this card (she's certainly keeping me busy). I got the inspiration from a Hunkydory show on Create and Craft a couple of months ago and thankfully I had kept the piece of paper with the instructions written on, even through the move of house which is impressive for a scrap of paper.

The base is 6"x9" and the fold lines were scored at 1", 1", 1.5", 1.5", 2" and the last space is 2". Mountain fold the first line and keep going until the end. I also cut the acetate that size but only scored it half way; I'm not convinced it's high enough so if you're using this as a guide, practise that bit before doing it in full. I then selected images I wanted to use from the Fab Glam Fifties My Craft Studio cd-rom and printed them off at the correct size, which was around 3cm each. I also printed off the paper for the envelope using that cd-rom as it matches the card elements perfectly (as it's same paper basically) and that cd-rom has a great envelope template section. Unfortunately the paper at the front of the envelope faces a different direction to the back of the envelope but I'm praying Betty doesn't notice the 'Jive' word going in different directions as it's not bold at all. I'm not that happy with the jukebox as it leans forward rather but other than that I think it's a great card style and I'll be using it again no doubt.
Just one more thing, since it has several folds in this card, remember to consider that when making your envelope as it's quite a thick card.

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  1. Helloooo, I am reading through you chat on here and its made me smile so much. I love how you are just chatting away and I am sat here imagining you saying these things. :) A blog is what you say it is, a way of keeping track of the things you make. I make various cards for people may or may not take a picture of it, but then its gone and I never make another like that again. Its good to have a record of what you do.


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