Saturday, 23 June 2012

New baby

Hello there

One of my neigbours have had a new baby this week and since I have a day off work today, I've made time to get a card done. Obviously I've known that I would be making a card for a while, so occasionally I've looked at ideas. I bought the Wild Card cartridge a few months ago and there's a great pram ('carriage' as it's called on the cartridge) shaped card on there, so that was my starting point. I didn't need to draw a basic design of my card for this reason but I did jot down notes of pages where certain cuts are and watched a brief video from papataya9804 to set me off on my way.
Those are the papers I selected at first to use on the card but even though I find that selection process helpful, I rarely stick to it as I go through the actually making of the card. I haven't seen the baby or the parents to speak to yet but when Chris saw them arriving home (whilst he was ironing I might add; I have to get him doing something whilst he spends hours and hours and hours watching sport!) with the baby and a large pink balloon. That's the reason I went with pink shades at first.
The cuts I used were:
fit to page for the envelope from a 12x12 paper
5.5in for the card base
Liner -5.5in
icon - bow -5.5in
- rattle - 3in
frame - 5in

I love it when I can find a scrap of card which is exactly the right size for the cut I want. It often gets me into 'trouble' though, as I sometimes push my luck and the card isn't quite big enough for what I want. It's good to be careful but being too frugal is just silly.

The wheels of the pram were just white to begin with but I didn't like that, as they blended too much with the white of the back part of the card. I wanted to use the blue card I'd used on the bow and the sentiment but I didn't have enough to cut the pram shape again. I decided to draw around the wheels onto the blue card and then cut them out with scissors - job done! I inked them with Stampin' Up's tempting turquoise.

I added a little button to the bow for detail. I NEED more buttons :-)
To make the inside of the card appear better with the bow and rattles showing on the inside too, I cut both again with the back of the card facing up and glued them on the inside.

That's that. Card's done during a hideously rainy day - there are benefits to rain after all!

The colours are much better in real life
The frame on the front of the envelope was cut twice in order to give me a pink frame with the cream inner. The rattle was cut at 5in and was a 'mistake' from when I was cutting the rattle for the pram, as it's far too big to sit in the pram. I love being able to use 'mistakes too. I still have another card blank, which I cut at 5.5in but quickly realised that the envelope would never fit around it and didn't want to make my own envelope at the time. I can use that though for another card for the next person who has a baby - waste not, want not :-)
Take care out there

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