My creative business journey

On this page, I want to show you the posts I have written for The Crafty Network's website. They touch lightly on some of the thoughts, ideas and experiences I've had whilst researching doing some kind of business with my crafting. I've yet to do anything physically with the idea (yes, I know, what a wimp!) but I thought others might like to read those posts incase they're considering something similiar. I do encourage everyone to utilise what a great network for crafty businesses this site it. Linda can really help to promote your business in a variety of ways.

Here is a direct link to the TCN relevant page for you to read at your leisure with the help of a cup of tea or coffee or a wine if the mood takes you, or just rush through one at a time, if time is at a premium, as it is with most of us :-)

The crafty journey on The Crafty Network's blog

There's also this post from this year, which isn't included in that list, as Linda has rather alot on her plate outside of the blog - May 2013 Crafter's Journey post

Which brings me very nicely onto the fact of my Folksy page. I haven't done as much with this as I could/should but I will try to make more of an effort, even if it's just putting another page on this blog to tempt people's attention to it. A project in the early stages.

Various posts of mine which relate to my crafty business journey

Progress not perfection
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