Thursday, 19 April 2012

Steampunk train

Hello there

I've ventured into the world of Steampunk again for my cousin. I used my Tinkering with Steampunk cd-rom again. It's a great cd-rom in many respects but I had real trouble with the printer options. In the software I selected A5 paper size but when I went to print it, I selected A4 as that is what I was printing with, as that meant that I could use it as an A5 card. Unfortunately I tried a couple of times, wasting much ink but it kept printing it as A6, so I had to stick to that. Next time I must just take the items I want into Craft Artist and work from there, as that software is so much more intuitive and logical.

Incase you're reading this and hoping for details on what I used. Here's a list of the things I can remember.
Background consists of background 78. I shrunk it down and then copied several times (placed next to each other)to get the bubble wrap print effect into the other background, which is number 27.
The clock is image 14.
The cog is image
The tag is from the tag folder and is number 7. I changed the colour to suit what I wanted and added the text in 'English 157 BT' font.
The phrase 'Time is a great storyteller' is image 134.
The arm is image 146.
The train is image 3.

I printed the clock and the cog separately. The clock just went on as it was, raised by the glue but I inked the cog with vintage photo and then embossed it to give that proper metal finish and raised that with Pinflair glue as well.

My original inspiration came from Cazz in her blog.

Take care out there and Paul, hope that you did have a great day and we must organise a dog walk together soon x

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