Saturday, 11 January 2014

Is it different?

Hello there

Here's a post about something quite different to the norm; although you may well ask, what exactly my norm is? My norm is usually different every time! :-)

A few months ago I bought two fabric panels which I saw on the internet; they're Riley Blake superhero panels. My intention was to make Christmas presents for two little boys who live in New Zealand. Unfortunately all my best intentions were smashed, as I was just too busy to get them done. The boys won't know a thing, as they get loads of presents anyway and they've never met me, so I'm hoping Megan; their mum, has forgiven me. I've just finished them both and thought I'd show the world as there's very little that comes up on internet searches about these actually sewn together. 

The two cape sets ready to be posted
First of all you just cut all the panels out. I also bought some extra blue fabric, which enables me to make the cape double sided, which is fun but also practical, as it keeps the edges clean and makes it feel more substantial, which I think it will need to be with two toddler boys. There are instructions printed onto the panel too, which are helpful but not brilliant, especially for newbies I would've thought. I also added batting inside the mask, belt and wristbands and belt/wristband emblems, as that helps to make them sturdier - it also allowed me to quilt the lightening strike on the belt emblem, which I like.

A few pointers for anyone reading this; looking for extra advice, are to remember to sew the cape emblems on BEFORE sewing the pieces together. I would also recommend sewing the velcro pieces on BEFORE attaching the emblems or it will be very difficult to sew them on afterwards, without ruining the emblem. Don't worry too much about the waist measurements for the belt, as it'll be better for it to be too big, as you (or the parent of the child) can easily put a tuck in the back and put a few stitches in there. Young kids don't want to be spending ages getting things on; they want them NOW and easily, so if the belt is slightly too big, it'll give them that quick accessibility.

I was going to embroider the names of each boy on the back but then thought better of it, as now it doesn't matter who wears them (friends who come round to play), they won't cause fights over who wears which one (although that can never be guaranteed) .  Also when the boys have finished with them, I'm hoping that Megan will pass them on to some other children to use, if they're fit to use as Bentley is only almost 2, so there's a good few years to go before he's finished with them hopefully. It'll probably be too big for him but as the good old parenting adage goes; 'he can always grow into it'.
I had to get Maggie to model the belt, as there
was no way it was going to go around me!
You'll notice (if you pay proper attention - well, are you?!! :-)  ) that I've done the masks differently and the wristband emblems. This is because I learn from mistakes (sometimes). The first set of wristband emblems I did, I joined the pieces together right sides together, left a short gap in the sewing and then turned them out and sewed up the gap. I wasn't really happy with that, as it hid some of the points of the 'pow' and 'bam' flashes. So with the other set, I sewed them wrong sides together and zig-zag sewed the edges.

Since this photo I've used pinking shears
around the red edge, to limit the amount of
fraying the fabric will do
They're actually bright red but I'm not
much use with a camera
If you still have questions you would like answering about these capes, please don't hesitate to ask.

I'll post them on Monday then wait two weeks for them to get to N.Z and then see what Megan and the boys think of them - wish me luck although I think they're pretty cute but toddlers can be discerning critics.


On another note this arrived today and got me excited - 
and an ironing/cutting mat and this selection of yumminess amongst a few other goodies. 

Makower's Henna collection - it's what the Cotton Patch call a
patchwork palette pack, which is great because it saves me
having to decide which of the collection to order, as I get it all!

The machine foot is going to help me piece my hexagons so much easier than I managed on my first turn with them the other day. The fabric is what I'll cut my hexagons out of and this:
is the fabric I'll use for the backing of my quilt I'm going to make with all those hexagons. That's the plan at any rate; let's see if I manage it within not too long a time frame. 

Next on my list though is a placemat set which uses hexagons. I'm hoping to get them well on the way by next Saturday which is 'crafty Saturday' meet-up, as I need to have the hand sewing bits ready for me to do then, as taking a machine there just isn't an option.

Take care out there and appreciate the little stuff

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  1. I totally adore these little outfits Di! How cute are they!!!! They make me think of Dawns little Max who is Sporticus most of the time hahaha!!!! ooooo you are making me dribble over the fabric...very yummy! xxx


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