Thursday, 17 October 2013

This is unusual

Hello there

Yes indeed, I find myself in rather a peculiar mood. I'm going on holiday to Tenerife on Saturday morning. I'm usually a mega fan of going to sunny places, as three quarters of the time I can't stand the weather in this country and how it affects my lifestyle. The weird thing is that I'm not that excited about it. I keep thinking about all my projects I need/want to do. I've been busy with other stuff recently, so my projects haven't been taking pride of place in my schedule, as I'd like them to do. Truth to be told, I'm also not enjoying the mega cleaning I'm having to do, as my mum and step dad are coming to look after the house and the dogs. I feel like stomping my feet and saying ' I don't want to be an adult, I want to play!!'. 

Of course I'm way too mature for that! ;-)

What I'm meant to be showing you (rather than having a whinge about going on holiday?!!!) is the coaster set I've made for Linda of The Crafty Network fame, as she was my first liker of my brand new Facebook page for my brand new enterprise 'A Place to Set'. I was determined to squeeze it in before going off on my jollies and I've managed it! Hip hip hooray! Linda asked specifically for a burgundy red Christmas theme, so hopefully she thinks I've managed that.

Along a similar theme, Linda posted my latest 'A Crafter's Journey' article onto The Crafty Network blog. Nip over there for a read and let me know your thoughts, either there or here. Is there anything you think I could be mentioning in these articles? What in particular do you think is needed on that site or on my page?


One other project which has taken some time recently is the halloween 'bunting' I've made for work. It hasn't turned out quite how I expected. The main reason for that is that I did some free cuts on Cricut Craft room but then they expired the next day (they give you a week free trial of a cartridge a week), so I couldn't do anymore. I'm not prepared to pay for a halloween cartridge, as I don't really like it. I also ran out of time and also it's for a Sainsbury cafe, so I'm hoping that enough 'official' stuff can be used in there. I had felt sorry for the cafe team leader, when she said they didn't have any decorations for in there and they're not allowed to dress up themselves. The bunting will hardly be visible at all in the large space but hey, at least I've tried to help someone out, which is what life should be all about.

The items are placed onto some spider's web net, which is actually white but I just rubbed a black archival ink pad over it to make it the right colour for the theme.

Now I just need time to nip round with it for them.

The sun is shining now and although I have to get back to the boring cleaning stuff, at least I've crafted by proxy of writing this blog post :-) I'll enjoy the holiday once I get there but it's just all the faff of organising everything before I go and let's not mention what happens when I get back but hey, all you ladies know all about the holiday related stress.

Take care out there, especially if you're going on holidays! :-)

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  1. Awe how sweet are you with the bunting, it looks amazing and I'm sure they will be delighted sweetie. Your coasters are fab too, I love how they tuck over the glass, inspired or what!!!! Ooooooh sounds like your head is ruling your heart re your holiday my lovely, I hope you manage to relax and enjoy it when you get there, you deserve it after all your hard work.
    Huge hugs x x x x


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