Saturday, 19 October 2013


Hello there

Here's some cards I've done recently. I did the first one and enjoyed it so much, that I did a similar second one. I knew I wanted to do black and white for the first recipient and I went straight to Sue Wilson's Particraft blog and sure enough, there I found a fab card. She does the most brilliant elegant cards and monochrome colours are a signature style of hers, in my opinion. 

I used that as my inspiration and then got to cutting a pile of diamonds out, to attempt to make some sort of harlequin pattern, as I don't have any stencils or stamps with that style on.

It's so easy using Cricut craftroom

That created the top, which I had to colour black and place a white background behind it and voila; une harlequin pattern ready to be cut up into 'tails' for the cards.

Colouring these dies wasn't great fun but a necessary evil this time
I don't actually own the Sizzix Venetian accents dies, so instead I ordered them pre-cut from ebay - 24 cuts from the Venetian motifs and accents sets for only £1.80. Job done! I am now very tempted to get the dies though, as they're gorgeous - I LURRRRVVE that mask! I'll put it on my Christmas list and drive my mum mad, as she always says " but why don't you get something nice for yourself?".... which part of 'these dies are amazing' doesn't she get?!!! :-)  Only joking, I love my mum to the moon and back but she doesn't get my crafting side at all.

I was so happy to find a sentiment stamp which fitted perfectly onto another one of the Venetian accent dies. I also had the feather in my stash and the embossing folder. I finished it off with some drops of Cosmic shimmer glossy black pva, in the form of drops along the top of each tail. 

The second one I made in almost exactly the same way, other than I used some black ribbon to tie two pieces of card together to make the card base instead. I also coloured the mask in a different shade and placed the border strip in front of the tails instead of behind. 

I love these cards and I hope Sue likes the fact that I used her cards as inspiration. If they inspire you to make your own take on this, please send me photos and I'll post them on here for you too.

Take care out there. 


  1. Wow, what a stunning card Diane, that pop of colour really makes it sing.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  2. Oh Diane, this card is GORGEOUS!!!!! So much detail sweetheart. I was thinking of you yesterday as I sat behind my craft stand :-D Lots of people going by muttering about how nice it all was but would they buy anything.......noooooo!!!!! I did sell some things, enough to cover my costs and a bit more so was happy non the less. No-one was selling anything nearly as gorgeous as the things you make though. HUGS xxx

  3. At least you covered your costs Karen, which hopefully gave you a positive feeling about the experience. I wonder if you'll do any more. I think it all depends on the craft fair as to whether you not will sell. There are some really good quality ones I'd love to get into x thanks so much for your lovely comments x


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