Monday, 25 March 2013

Cake pops

Hello there

Over the weekend my daughter and I were not keen to go out in the continuing snow, so to cheer us up and give us something productive and fun to do, we had our very first go at making cake pops. We had mixed success but the main success lay in the activity itself i.e us sharing time together, having a chance to talk and resolve problems as best we could.
Word to the wise - if a diecut goes slightly awry, don't throw it,
tuck it behind something or cover it slightly.
Not that that ever happens to me of course ;-)

I got the inspiration for the layout from my friend Catherine's blog and quickly moved on from there, although I had already decided to use the cake pop stand packaging as the base for the page.

For those of you who have spent hours making cake pops from basic sponge cakes and crumbled them up and then formed the cake pops, TAKE NOTE! STOP! Don't do that to yourself. Get yourself one of these little cuties and make a small amount of sponge mix, pop it in the base of each mould, pop the lid on and cook for 20 minutes. Simples! Well, it is when you know how :-) We made a few mistakes, such as putting the lid on the wrong way round with our second batch but that's just daft me.

We got a lovely stand with our kit - it does a
great job of displaying the pops

One of our favourite designs which was a happy accident

Take care out there or stay inside and make good stuff if the weather is foul.


  1. You have been busy bee Diane! These look really fiddly, messy and totally scrummy! Its always good to have special Mum/daughter time like this....hope you got a lot sorted sweetheart xxx

  2. hte page looks fab and the cake pops look scrummy and thanks for playing with my sketch honey!
    C xxx


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