Saturday, 3 September 2011

One thing I've been up to

I participated in the 'Big Picture Classes' Words to live by free class this summer which overtook my life almost but I loved it. I had varying 'success' but the overall success for me was that I achieved it all. I had to do a scrap page a day, which for a none scrapper was a big task and also design is not my forte so I was so thrilled to get it done. The whole household knew about it of course and even helped with parts of it, which made it even more satisfying.

I've finally finished my home made curtains project which seems to have taken a huge amount of time but considering holidays with loads of things to do and applique of tonnes of butterflies, it hasn't been too bad I suppose. They're made out of old sheets which I dyed. The butterflies are made up of this lovely material which is covered in butterflies, so the perfect choice. They are two tone and very basic in design but they're great for my 'craft room/spare room'. It took quite a while to cut out the butterflies, mostly from my Cricut. Unfortunately I ran out of Bondaweb half way and bought another version of that from Dunelm Mill and it was rubbish, so I had to hand cut alot which was hard work. I also ended up sewing one of the butterflies back to front but I'm going to claim that was done on purpose to challenge people to find it. Things never seem to go all smoothly for me but that's because I'm always trying new things, so my own fault.
Since seeing Chris's mum's tie-backs a month or so ago, I've wanted to make plaited tie-backs for my curtains and I've finally got round to finishing them tonight. They certainly don't stand up to close attention but the overall look is good, so hopefully (once Chris has put the hold back things on the wall) I'll be able to have the curtains in their full glory. They're made out of the same dyed sheet material as the curtains and I managed them with the help of the only instructions I found online. Fairly basic stuff to alot of sewers but when it's the first time you've made them, it can take a while.. oh and there's always life getting in the way!

Take care out there

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